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This highly regarded Workshop can also be run at the Client’s Choice of Venue and content can be tailored to meet specific requirements.  

The ability to assess and develop competencies is an essential part of effective management and plays an important part in Coaching, Performance Management, and Development of Capability.  Structured, competency-based interviews can significantly improve selection decisions.

Competencies help clarify the aspects of behaviour and personal attributes that contribute to superior performance.  However, many managers lack understanding of how best to assess competencies and the key issues affecting individual and team performance.  

Register for the Master-Class Workshop and learn how to improve competency definition and competency mapping against role requirements, strengthen competency based interviewing and also gain complimentary access to Pario Resources for a 3 month introductory period. *

The two-day workshop provides insight into the key steps required for Competency Profiling and Competency Assessment. Identify common core competencies; and clarify the difference between ‘competence’ and‘competency’.

Competency Mapping examples include the Great Eight & Pario 10 models, with a focus on the leadership competencies linked to high performance.

In-House courses can be tailored to client requirements. Reserve a place at the Singapore Workshop… email

Email  to discuss the In-House Options.  

*  See the information relating to the current workshop or email for updates


Recent Master-Class Workshops

have been run in Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur

The next 2015 workshops will be held in Dubai and Bangalore (plus other venues in India)


Competency Profiling - Competency Assessment Workshop