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The Coaching Tool Box

Pario online Resources include a Coaching Tool Box that can be accessed at any time by HR Professionals, Coaches, Business Psychologists and Consultants.  

The Coaching Tool Box offers a range of options that enable you to quickly and easily add respondents to a questionnaire, check completion status, and then generate reports.  Services include:


Intelligent 360 degree feedback

Includes options to direct questions to specific groups & run an ‘extended’ 180 or 360 Feedback process linked to Performance Coaching:

Role Profiling  

The Pario system enables one or more managers to complete a  profile that clarifies role activities and personal competencies. A group based report is an additional option.  Example:

Pario Questionnaires & Reports

Exceptional insight into work behaviour

Click here: detailed analysis and in-depth reports  (including Role Profiling)

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Role Profiling & Career Strengths questionnaires are available to HR professionals, consultants and trainers who are members of an accredited association. In the UK recognized groups include CIPD ABP BPS/SGCP Association for Coaching...

Authentic Leadership

Learning Agility     

Career Strengths & Anchors

Team Preferences