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Developing Potential at Work

We work with Organizations to Improve Assessment, Develop Potential and Increase Motivation and Commitment. Pario Resources include Surveys, 360 Degree Feedback and Questionnaires for Competency-Based Interviewing & Executive Coaching.  

The Pario Leadership Development Course  is based on the latest research relating to Authentic Leadership and the steps contributing to Employee Engagement. The programme incorporates Blended Learning, with a two-day workshop followed by a series of development modules. Each module contains individually tailored content, based on responses on the initial, 30 minute questionnaire.


To discuss Organisational Culture, Talent Profiling or Leadership Development.


Pario Resources

Pario Competency Assessment Tools include Executive Tests that add focus to selection interviews and support leadership and management development.

Pario Organisational Culture Surveys are research based and highlight key factors affecting well-being at work

HR Managers and other Training and Leadership Development specialists can access the Coaching Tool-Box

Leadership & Management Skills

Pario Services include Master-Class Workshops on Competency Profiling and Leadership Development.

The next  Competency Assessment and Competency Profiling Workshop  is being held in Singapore 21-22 January 2013

Associates :  Discover Pario online assessment tools, including 360 degree feedback and surveys.

Organisational Culture - Strengthening Well-Being at Work

Our approach is based on a clear understanding of the Four Levels of Connection that occur in organizations. We work with Clients to improve leadership capability, assess and develop potential, and create the conditions that enhance Employee Motivation and Commitment. The following video highlights some of the steps linked to developing capability.